Public Service Announcement!

The JSCraftCamp registration is open! Check out the page and create your pull request on GitHub if you want to join Munich's best in class JavaScript conference this year!

Welcome to Jörns page! 👋

It's another stab at building a homepage for myself. I don't want to spend much time maintaining a page. But I need a place where I can put up slides. And maybe some other content that I want to share for an extended period of time.

This time, it's built with SvelteKit.

... and I like comics.


Who are you? 🤔

I'm Jörn.

What do you do? 🤔

I work at compose.us and our team builds digital services for public administrations. That means we're building internal and external tools to make their offerings more efficient and user friendly.

In my spare time, I'm helping to organize the JSCraftCamp, which is a two-day Barcamp / Open Space in Munich. You can attend it for free thanks to lots of sponsors. Every time I attend this event, I leave with new friends, professional contacts and much more knowledge than before. This year, it's on June 30th / July 1st. Registration opens on May 1st.

For VirtualCoffee.io, I organize the "Frontend Friday Folks battling CSSBattle.dev", which is a place where people with all kind of levels in CSS proficiency learn something from each other.

...and since the Frontend Friday Folks is a really nice format, I'm trying something similar with JavaScript katas now. You can join through the JSCraftCamp meetup group, which will guide you to the JSCraftCamp Discord community where we'll host it.

We're doing it weekly now: Every Thursday at 19:00 CEST, at least until the JSCraftCamp starts.

Are you available for hire? 🤔

Usually I work with my own team and we're building web applications. If you need assistance from senior developers to help you deliver quality software while leveling up your own team, shoot me a message!

Why is this here again? 🤔

I needed a space where I can put slides for talks online.

But I somehow started building a "real" web page...

I even started a longer article about using and programming a Pocuter...